Leading people to apply God's words and be inspired to make a lasting difference in the world.

Your opportunity to receive a fresh encounter with God so you can do and be anything and find your true calling
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Reborn is dedicated to providing an opportunity for people to:

  • Receive a fresh encounter with God so you can put all the broken pieces of
    your life back together
  • Regain their sanity in this sometimes hectic world
  • Spend quality time with people they love
  • Meet like-minded people to share the journey with
  • Make great friends and feel a strong and welcoming sense of community
  • Feel closer to God and allow him into their life
  • Stop feeling lost and get back on track thanks to God’s love and direction
  • Open their heart and see all the blessings they already have
  • Be washed over by the feeling of peace, love and joy
  • Discover the lessons behind situations, including the lesson of forgiveness
    that can truly transform their life for the better

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision, mission and objectives is to share God’s greatest messages

Reborn is about helping apply God’s wisdom to their every day life and exists to give an opportunity to people to receive a fresh encounter with God so people can put all the broken pieces of their life back together.

Reborn is involved in running online and in-person Christian events. We conduct rallies and community outreach services on a regular basis.

Reborn also advocates for social justice and cooperates with organizations that support underprivileged and marginalised people.

Reborn also creates Christian education material in the form of books and music and provides wealth creation education.

A large part of Reborn’s focus is to provide personal counselling for people suffering from depression, anxiety, financial distress and addiction.


Our ministry is Australia based but we speak at churches and Christian groups around the world.

Reborn services are broadcast every Sunday at 8am and 5pm AEST and our inspirational teachings are broadcast midweek.

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